For learning, Data & Digital Solutions

Powering Growth with DATA & TECH

Empowering individuals, schools, businesses, organizations, and government agencies to achieve targets and drive growth with customized data and digital solutions tailored to meet their needs and resources.


Capacity Building

Redea Learning PlatformFor Digital and Data Skills

We advance our trainings to the next level through our Redea Learning platform and App. We are to empower both individuals and organizations acquire digital skills. Redea serves Young stars as well.

TECH Revolution


Move your company, organization, team or school to another level by embracing the digital way of working together. We are here to support you every step of the way as you embrace TECH within your organization.


Data,the Ideal Solution

Data being the new oil means you have to entirely rely on this great resource for strategic decision making, growth and direction. We support you embrace that.

Leading Success

Our Services

Capacity Building & Training

Empowering growth through industry-relevant TECH and Data (Analytics & AI) skills on our platforms.

Data & IT Strategy & Governance

Aligning your business' IT & data strategy with objectives, ensuring data is reliable, accurate & accessible.

Data Collection, Curation & Management

We expertly design surveys and gather diverse data to aid decision-making.

Empowering schools

Take your school to another level by leveraging TECH and digital resources. We are here to support you achieve ultimate success as a school.


Our Approach

Employing Agile Processes

We embrace an iterative agile approach in crafting data products & solutions. Our core focus centers on prioritizing the client, the product, and the people over rigid processes.

Iterative & Flexible




Delivering Success

Redea Arms

To provide optimal value to our clients, we continually innovate and develop solutions to meet current societal needs. Discover more about our capabilities below.

Redea Learn

A comprehensive social and learning platform for delivering top notch digital skills for both the young and old, individuals and teams.

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Redea Institute of Data Science

Providing training for all to foster a world where data-backed decisions drive progress.

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Redea TECH Academy

Equipping young people with the necessary skills and aspirations to thrive in the technology industry while fostering character development.

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Redea Dev

Creating digital products and solutions ranging including developing websites, e-learning support and content development.

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